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Kim Wilkie at Fairfield

Kim and I met again with the residents and trustees of Fairfield Residential Home on 16 July to conclude our discussions on the future of the Home’s part of the Orchard at Univ North. Kim recounted a conversation he had when we previously met with one of the residents, Cecelia, about the birdsong; she had been so effusive about sitting and listening to the birds and about what she looked forward to about our plans to manage the Orchard for wildlife. Very sadly, Cecelia died the week after we met, but she had made a lasting impression on us. The other residents were equally keen to understand how quickly we could start to make a difference with the new hedge, new trees, and new meadow, all of which are intended to support the birdlife Cecelia and they so loved. The answer? As soon as we can! We are grateful to the trustees, and John and Fiona in particular, for ensuring this can become a reality and, for our part, we can start as soon as the nesting season is over so that it is ready for next spring.

But wait. Next spring is eight months or more away. One redoubtable lady posed the killer question – why can we not go into the rose garden right now? Fiona and I looked at each other a bit blankly. After the meeting we popped into the rose garden to see what exactly was stopping the residents enjoying it straight away. A gate with a simplex lock was what was stopping them; more blank looks. Happily for all, somewhere within Fairfield someone did have the code and we hope, and expect, that they are, as we speak, enjoying a turn around the rose garden in the still glorious weather.

Angela Unsworth MBE
Domestic Bursar and Fellow

Published: 12 August 2021

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