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International “At Home” Day 2024

On 19 January, Univ held its second International “At Home” Day in what we hope is going to become a firm favourite in the College diary. Slightly earlier in the year this time we had rather fewer in national dress which led to a rather less colourful event, but spurred on by memories of last year, the international snacks, sweets and pastries which were brought in by the whole college community were snapped up by an eager crowd well before the Buttery opened for the main event. Next year we will have to make sure that we encourage even more of our fantastically diverse community to break out their baking trays and wow friends and colleagues with some of the wonderful things that their home countries’ cuisine has to offer.

The Buttery offer was brilliant though (I feel like a rather proud mummy at this point) with the range and quality of the food. I saw more people come through I think that I see for brunch on the weekends and that is generally a hard act to follow. I was really heartened by just how happy our staff and students seemed to be with the concept and how it was working out. I would be really delighted to “hard wire” this into the calendar as a truly Univ event – I’m also very much up for things in a similar vein that might bring out the best in the community which speaks to all three common rooms and to our innate acceptance at Univ that you can be exactly who you want to be, share exactly who you are and feel “at home”. Please do come and speak about ideas, no matter how undeveloped they might be; we are all ears!

Angela Unsworth MBE
Domestic Bursar

Our thanks to all those in the Domestic Bursary and beyond, to our International Student Reps – Carlos Gonzalez Perez (WCR) and Heloise Picolet (JCR) – and to all who attended and celebrated with us.

Published: 7 March 2024

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