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George Webb Medley Prize

Carlos in front of a waterfallCarlos Gonzalez Perez (2021, MPhil + DPhil in Economics) has been awarded the George Webb Medley Prize for the best thesis (proxime accessit) in MPhil Economics (Year 2). The George Webb Medley Fund is the principal prize fund for Economics, Politics and Philosophy in Oxford.

Carlos just finished his MPhil and is now doing a DPhil in Economics at Univ. Born and raised in Valladolid, Spain, Carlos holds a double major in Economics and International Studies from UC3M (in Madrid). During his undergraduate studies, he spent time abroad in the United States, China and Italy. He is particularly interested in the fields of Machine Learning for Economics, Microeconomic Theory and Applied Microeconomics with a strong focus on the notion of learning and policy design.

Published: 14 August 2023

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