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COVID-19 Student Responsibility Agreement

COVID-19 Student Responsibility AgreementWe are looking forward to the start of term, and to welcoming new and returning students. To prepare for this, we have been making plans to minimise health risks to students and to staff both at Univ and elsewhere in Oxford.

All of us need to take responsibility for own health and that of others, so the University has produced a Student Responsibility Agreement that all students are required to sign. It affirms our shared values, and reminds us what we as individuals can do to support the safety and wellbeing of the wider community to which we belong.

We know that our students are committed to social responsibility and value the principle of inclusion. We know too that, for these reasons, our students would wish to reduce risks for other people, both in Univ and elsewhere. The agreement provides an opportunity for all students to affirm their commitment to protecting the health of everyone with whom they may come into contact.

The agreement clearly communicates what is expected from every member of the University and, in return, what support you can expect from the University and from Univ. We understand that the new academic year will be a challenging time, and that everyone will be adjusting to new ways of living and working in College. The agreement is intended to support this adjustment so that we all understand what we need to do differently to look after ourselves and each other.

You can read the agreement here.

You can find out more about the all of the measures adopted by the University to keep our students and staff well at on the University’s website.

Comprehensive documentation and information relating to COVID-19 and the measures put in place by College can be found on our Intranet.

Published: 17 September 2020

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