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Chinese Center for Disease Control & Prevention

Chinese Center for Disease Control and PreventionI am now working for the Chinese Center for Disease Control and Prevention (CCDC) and the Gates Foundation, on an emergency contract. Since early January, I started to write about the outbreak on Chinese media, one article received more than a million views and more than 20,000 comments. Later I was invited to do external seminar for graduate program in CMU, and since march begin to work for CCDC.

I have three projects going on right now:

1. Evaluation of Non-pharmaceutical intervention (NPIs) around China, and decide the schedule for lifting them. A detailed report has been submitted to the national commission for policy making.
2. Designing strategy for disease control when viral testing is not available, such as west Africa and south Asia. My model evaluate strategy using only onset and antibody testing, which will be presented to WHO and Gates foundation next Tuesday.
3. Review of models available, still working on this.

Xilin Jiang (2017, DPhil Genomic Medicine and Statistics)

Are you involved?
If you are involved in research or frontline work relating to COVID-19 that you would like to bring to the attention of the Univ community worldwide, please email communications@univ.ox.ac.uk.

Published: 29 April 2020

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