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CEO Sleepout 2023

Participants in last year's sleepout smiling at night

CEO Sleepout 2022

On 12 October, members of the Colleges and the University will head to Univ’s sports ground on Abingdon Road to support the Oxfordshire Homeless Movement at this year’s CEO Sleepout.

Angela Unsworth, Domestic Bursar, will be flying the flag for the College, raising awareness and money for the Oxfordshire Homeless Movement, a charity that the College supports both in its charitable giving and in its inclusive recruitment policy, which offers employment opportunities for ex-offenders and previously homeless people.

Members of the University and colleges as well as people involved in the business and commercial sector across Oxfordshire will be attending, including Irene Tracey, Vice-Chancellor of the University, Professor Alexander Betts, University Local & Global Engagement Officer, and Heads of House. Angela hopes to inspire other colleges and companies to commit to similar inclusive recruitment policies.

Angela has invited two Univ staff to talk at the event about their own experiences of employment with us – one since leaving prison and the other since leaving the streets.

Beard Construction and SDC, who are working on the Univ North development, have also committed to inclusive recruitment practices and are participating in the CEO Sleepout.

Angela Unsworth commented: “I hope to give a bit of reassurance to those employers who might not be confident in employing people from the streets, from straight out of prison, or from any other difficult background in that the low-level risks inherent with any policy of this nature are risks worth taking for us as employers and for wider society. We have given a lot of people the space and support they needed to get back on their feet and become more positive contributors to society once again. I count that as success.”

You can support the sleepout in various ways – sleeping out and raising funds, coming to the evening and joining in the debate, and supporting others who can sleep out on that night.

Find out more about the CEO Sleepout and donate at justgiving.com.

Published: 28 September 2023

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