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Association for Asian Studies Annual Conference

A man in glasses presenting a lectureUniv Old Members’ Trust Graduate Conference Report – Mark Czeller (DPhil candidate, Oriental Studies)

I participated in the Association for Asian Studies Annual Conference as the co-organizer of a panel, with Puck Engman of UC Berkeley. The conference took place from 24 to the 27 March. I had arranged with a number of fellow participants — doctoral candidates and postdocs in Europe and the US — to arrive a couple of days earlier, as it would have been difficult to justify travelling as far as Hawai’i just for a couple of days, and we wanted to take this opportunity to spend some time together discussing issues in our field (the history of the People’s Republic of China) in an informal manner. These conversations were very valuable, as were those that took place during the days of the conference itself, during which I had the opportunity to meet a number of senior scholars in the field. Our panel itself was a success—it was well-attended, and one of the more senior speakers on our panel commented afterwards that it was “one of the absolute best panels [they have] ever had the pleasure to join.” Please see below for a photo of me giving my paper.

I am very grateful to the Old Members’ Trust for its support of what was an expensive but exceptionally valuable trip.

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Published: 18 October 2022

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