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APS March meeting

Graduate Old Members’ Trust Travel Report – Matthew Cotton (2020, Interdisciplinary Bioscience)

The APS March meeting is the largest and most prestigious gathering of physicists in the world. This year, over 10,000 scientists from around the globe convened in Las Vegas to discuss the latest breakthroughs in physics. The meeting featured a diverse range of topics, from the potential discovery of room temperature superconductivity to a session dedicated to the 2022 Nobel Prize, with lectures from two of the winners.

The conference consisted of parallel sessions that catered to specific research areas. I spoke about a recent project exploring some new physics behind how cells are organized, and I received some insightful questions and feedback.

Attending the March meeting was a unique opportunity to connect with experts in my field and discuss ongoing research. I had the chance to catch up with former students, postdocs, and faculty members from Oxford, as well as meeting other researchers from around the world. Overall, the meeting provided a valuable opportunity to exchange ideas and learn about the cutting-edge research being conducted in physics today. I am grateful for the support of the Old Members’ Trust Travel Fund for allowing me to attend.

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Published: 15 June 2023

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