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American Association of Cancer Research

Univ Old Members’ Trust Graduate Travel Report – Ryan Schenck (2017, DPhil Genomic Medicine and Statistics)

The meeting attended was the first annual meeting for the American Association of Cancer Research in New Orleans, Louisiana, USA after a long period of no in person meetings for cancer researchers and clinicians. Due to this, the meeting was very well attended with over 1,900 speakers (not including poster presentations) across concurrent sessions. I was honoured to have been given the opportunity to present my recent findings as an oral presentation in a well-attended session on emerging topics in computational oncology. Succinctly, I presented our approach to diagnose clonal hematopoiesis, a blood cancer pre cursor condition that also conveys a risk of other cancers and cardiovascular diseases, regardless of what the condition is caused by (point mutations or structural rearrangements in the genome).  The trip, unfortunately, culminated in an eventful trip home with missed connecting flights and an extra overnight due to inclement weather, but in all was well worth the trouble.

I am very grateful to have received an Old Members’ Trust Graduate Conference and Academic Travel Fund award that helped to make this trip and the dissemination of my research at Oxford possible.

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Published: 21 June 2022

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