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Univ ChapelWelcome to Online Evensong from Univ, which you can access below on a weekly basis, as each service becomes available.

This recorded weekly service is a shortened version of Choral Evensong, from the Book of Common Prayer. Most of the texts are in the form in which they have been used since the seventeenth century, when our College Chapel was built.

We continue to celebrate the fortieth anniversary of the admission of women as students, and all our guest preachers this term are women, as they have been throughout the year. You can read about them on our list of preachers for this term.

A new service will be posted each week in term, in time for you to listen at 5.45pm on a Sunday, or at another time of your choice. So we hope that you will keep coming back to join our choir, our preachers, and others whose voices you will hear.

Univ ChapelMost of the service is based on the Christian Bible, and it was written to help people to pray together.

Whether or not you consider yourself a person of religious faith, or a person who prays, we hope that this recorded service will be a useful resource for you. So here are some different ways in which you might approach it:

  • As a space for reflection in which you can let the words and music flow over you, or engage with them as actively as you wish.
  • As an opportunity to mark the beginning of each new week of term, and so to maintain structure and rhythm in your week.
  • As a chance to be transported to another place, through what we hear and experience together, wherever we may be.

Univ ChapelParticipating in Evensong online may take a bit of getting used to, as may Evensong itself, which may be new to many who listen to it here.

However the service is a form of worship that has stood the test of time. Others have found that this combination of words, music and space is helpful to them, and we hope that it may be helpful to you too.

Were you at Evensong in our Chapel, our candles would all be lit. Perhaps you might like to light one at home as we begin?

Online Evensong from Univ – Sunday 31 May 2020

The Order of Service for 31 May can be viewed or downloaded here (opens in new window)

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