Music Facilities

The college is lucky to have a number of spaces with pianos and good quality electronic pianos for students to practice, both on the main site and in 'Stavertonia', North Oxford, part of Univ's offsite accommodation.

Facilities include:

 The James Ray Music Room, housing a piano, drum kit, amps and keyboards
 Grand pianos in the Hall and in the Masters Lodgings
 Good quality pianos or electric pianos in the rooms of music students, organ scholars and some choral scholars. This includes offsite rooms in Stavertonia and Iffley Road
 Bösendorfer baby grand currently on loan for student use in Redcliffe Maud House, one of our student houses in Stavertonia
 Chapel has a two manual Walker organ (completely refurbished in 2016) and a transposable Collins box organ. It is also available as a rehearsal and performance space
 10 Merton Street - This newly refurbished building has three rooms that musicians may use; a chamber music performance space with grand piano and two practice rooms, one with an upright piano and one with an electric piano