Undergraduate Accommodation

The College has just over 400 study bedrooms; over 300 are on the main site, others are at our annexe in North Oxford and some on Iffley Road. We have around 60 ensuite rooms, 57 being newly refurbished in 2015 for use by our undergraduates. The rest of the rooms have shared facilities and there are three fully accessible rooms and several others with small adaptations for disabled people.

Accommodation is available to undergraduates during term time and during some vacation periods (with agreement from the Head of Hospitality & Accommodation - email here.)

Shared kitchens for self-catering are available in many of our Stavertonia site rooms with more being added on our main site; the most recently added kitchens are modern and energy efficient in design.

Accommodation costs on a short contract are £3887.40, payable in three instalments. Daily rate £20.90 for additional days.

Michaelmas Term: Arriving 1 October 2017, departing on 2 December 2017.

Hilary Term: Arriving 7 January 2018, departing 10 March 2018.

Trinity Term: Arriving 15 April 2018, departing 16 June 2018.

Your room will need to be vacated between these dates, unless you have permission to stay from the Domestic Bursary. If you wish to use public transport to go home our storage facilities can be used for the majority of your belongings. 

Access to Facilities Charge (paid by all students but included in the rent of those living in our accommodation) is £199.68 annually.

Please note for rooms in Main Quad and Radcliffe Quad on our main site, there is a small extra charge for electricity if the occupant goes over the agreed allowance each term.  The cost is 7p per unit and is charged to your batells.

You can take a ‘virtual tour’ of one of our student rooms with an interactive panorama here (link opens in new window.) 

Graduate Accommodation

We try to accommodate all first year Graduates on the main site, this means in a shared house in Merton Street or Magpie Lane, right in the heart of the City. The houses surround our main site, so are close and convenient to all Univ facilities.

A limited number of couples and family flats are available at our site on Staverton Road. There is easy access to good shops, cafes and pubs in Summertown. The main College site can be easily reached by bike, bus or on foot.

Once we have received confirmation from the Academic Office that you have met your University and College conditions then you will be added to the room list for 2017/2018. You will then be sent an Accommodation Contract to sign, which we call a Long Contract. We aim to send the Long Contract to you within 4 weeks of you having met your conditions.

Your long contract will be for 265 days:
Arrival date: 24 September 2017
Departure date: 16 June 2018
The current cost is £4857.45.

Information from the Student Advice Service on ‘living out’ can be found here.

For all enquiries or issues concerning accommodation please contact Teresa Strike via email here.  

Univ adheres to Universities UK Accommodation Code of Practice, for further details visit the UUK here (page opens in new window.)