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Two new visiting fellowships for Univ

Bringing exceptional academics to Univ from outside Oxford, allowing innovative and fresh ideas to develop through collaboration to inspire the academic community.

We are turning our focus to academic excellence this term, in celebration of the transformative work that is undertaken at Univ. You may be aware that we launched the Univ Beacon Programme and an Early Years Support programme already this year, to ensure that we maximise support for all members of our community.

We would now like to highlight two major visiting fellowships: The HLA Hart Visiting Fellowship and The Centenary Visiting Professorship in PPE, both of which help us to enhance the academic and pastoral experience of both students and staff through a unique programme of support.

Ruth Chang, Univ Professorial Fellow and Professor and Chair of Jurisprudence at Oxford, shares her insights about our current mission to revive the HLA Hart Visiting Fellowship. Bill Child, Univ Tutorial Fellow in Philosophy and Professor of Philosophy at Oxford, introduces the new Centenary Visiting Professorship in PPE. Please see their commentary below.

Professor Ruth Chang - HLA Hart Visiting Fellowship

Professor Bill Child - Centenary Visiting Professorship in PPE

These fellowships will attract eminent scholars in Philosophy, Politics, Economics and Law to Univ. They will enhance teaching and dialogue in the academic community, and provide access to alternative perspectives and world-class scholarship. 

We are honoured to guide students on their academic and early career paths across all of the subjects we offer. This could not be achieved without philanthropic support from Old Members and friends of Univ, for which we are tremendously grateful.

We would like to invite you to consider supporting the HLA Hart Visiting Fellowship or the Centenary Visiting Professorship in PPE. If you would like to make a donation, you can do so here:

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An enthusiastic team of student callers will be reaching out to many of our Old Members in the upcoming Spring telethon. They are looking forward to speaking to you about your memories of Univ, sharing their own experiences, and discussing these projects with you.

I hope that you will welcome their call. However, if you would prefer not to be contacted, please let our team know by emailing development@univ.ox.ac.uk. Thank you.

We look forward to being in touch.

Thank you for your consideration, time and support.

Harriet Bayly – Interim Development Director

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