Nicola Sibson

Nicola Sibson

Supernumerary Fellow in Medicine; Professor of Imaging Neuroscience

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I am actively involved in teaching at the graduate level in Oxford. Within the Oxford Institute for Radiation Oncology, I was Director of Graduate Studies for eight years, and have supervised 15 D.Phil. students to completion, with 5 more currently in progress. I am also a Module Leader in Imaging Technologies for the M.Sc. in Radiation Biology course in the Department of Oncology, and I give lectures both on this course and also the University’s Experimental TherapeuticsM.Sc. and EPSRC and MRC CDT in Biomedical Imaging courses. I also lecture on a number of international graduate courses in Neuroimaging.

Although I am not currently involved in undergraduate teaching I have given numerous FHS undergraduate lectures in neuroscience and imaging, and also tutored Biochemistry at Somerville for first year BM and FHS students.


The majority of my research focusses on the application of MRI and other imaging modalities to the investigation of brain disease. We have studied many different models of human disease, including multiple sclerosis, stroke, cerebral malaria, Alzheimer’s disease and prion disease. However, our main focus is now secondary cancer (metastasis) to the brain, which is a major clinical problem and our work has a strong translational emphasis. Our interests lie in two primary areas – firstly, understanding the role of inflammation in tumour progression and, secondly, developing new imaging biomarkers for early diagnosis and treatment stratification. For more information see our departmental website. My research is funded primarily by Cancer Research UK and the Medical Research Council.

Selected Publications

Perez-Balderas F., van Kasteren S.I., Aljabali A.A.A., Wals K., Serres S., Jefferson A., Sarmiento Soto M., Khrapitchev A.A., Larkin J.R., Bristow C., Lee S.S., Bort G., De Simone F., Campbell S.J., Choudhury R.P., Anthony D.C.§, Sibson N.R.§, Davis B.G.§ (2017) Covalent assembly of nanoparticles as a peptidase-degradable platform for molecular MRI. Nat. Comm. 8:14254.

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