Maren Schentuleit

Maren Schentuleit

Supernumerary Fellow in Egyptology; Associate Professor of Egyptology and Coptic Studies; Director of the Griffith Institute

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My teaching covers a broad variety of aspects of ancient Egypt: history, civilization, religion, society, religion, everyday life. In the field of Egyptian languages and texts my teaching focuses on Middle Egyptian, Demotic, Coptic and Ptolemaic Hieroglyphs.


My main research interests include Demotic and Greek papyrology, especially the socio-economic history of Graeco-Roman Egypt, but also topics like bilingualism, prosopography and onomastics. Furthermore, I am concerned with issues of the relationship between religion and politics.

Selected Publications


Demotische Dokumente aus Dime III: Urkunden. DDD III, Wiesbaden 2010 (with S. L. Lippert).

Du hast mein Herz zufriedengestellt …“. Ptolemäische demotische Verkaufsurkunden aus Soknopaiu Nesos. CPR XXIX, Berlin 2009 (with G. Vittmann).

Demotische Dokumente aus Dime II: Quittungen. DDD II, Wiesbaden 2006 (with S. L. Lippert).

Demotische Dokumente aus Dime I: Ostraka. DDD I, Wiesbaden 2006 (with S. L. Lippert).

Aus der Buchhaltung des Weinmagazins im Edfu-Tempel. Kommentierte Textedition des demotischen P.Carlsberg 409. The Carlsberg Papyri 9, Kopenhagen 2006.


Agreements and Accounts. On-going Research on economic activities of the temple of Soknopaiou Nesos according to the Demotic Texts (with S. L. Lippert), in: A. Jördens and U. Yiftah-Firanko (edd.), Accounts and Bookkeeping in the Ancient World: Question of Structure (Legal Documents in Ancient Societies VIII: Schwetzingen, 24-26.9.2016. PHILIPPIKA: Altertumswissenschaftliche Abhandlungen / Contributions to the Study of Ancient World Culture 55,2, Wiesbaden 2020, 141–157.

Keeping Track of Accounts: The Editing Platform DimeData, in: C. E. Römer (ed.), News from Texts and Archaeology. Acts of the 7th International Fayoum Symposium 29 October – 3 November 2018 in Cairo and the Fayoum, Wiesbaden 2020, 27–32.

Gender issues. Women to the Fore, in: K. Vandorpe (ed.), Companion to Greco-Roman and Late Antique Egypt. Blackwell Companions to the Ancient World, Chichester, West Sussex/Malden, MA 2019, 349–362.

Möglichkeiten und Grenzen zweisprachiger Textokumentation am Beispiel des Titels „Phylenpriesterin“, in: M.-P. Chaufray, I. Guermeur, S. Lippert and V. Rondot (edd.), Le Fayoum. Archéologie – Histoire – Religion. Actes du sixième colloque international, Montpellier, 26–28 octobre 2016, Wiesbaden 2018, 149–160.

Organization of the Priesthood in Soknopaiou Nesos. Transition Between the Ptolemaic and Roman Periods, in: M. Capasso and P. Davoli (edd.), Soknopaios, the temple and worship. First Round Table of the Centro di Studi Papirologici and the Chair of Egyptology, University of Salento/Lecce. Edaphos 1, Lecce/Rovato 2015, 89–107.


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