Jon Blundy

Jon Blundy

Supernumerary Fellow in Earth Sciences; Professor of Earth Sciences; Royal Society Research Professor

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I have a research position at the University. However, I contribute to advanced level courses on volcanology and ore-forming processes in the Department of Earth Sciences.


My research concerns the generation, movement and evolution of magma within the Earth. I use a combination of igneous petrology, high temperature and pressure experimental geochemistry, thermodynamics, and field geology to address the fundamental problem of how volcanoes work. I have ongoing research projects on subduction-related volcanoes in the Lesser Antilles, Kamchatka (Russia), Cascades (USA), Bolivia, Chile, Mexico, Turkey and Vanuatu. Of particular interest is the relationship between magmatism and ore formation. This work is funded currently through a Royal Society Research Professorship entitled “From Volcanoes to Green Mining”. The project investigates how we can use our evolving understanding of magmatic systems to develop new tools for mineral exploration and metal extraction. As we transition to a low-carbon economy, demand for certain key resources, such as copper, lithium and rare earths, is set to grow dramatically, placing a high priority on the discovery of new deposits and development of novel ways to access and extract these sustainably.

Selected Publications

• Jackson, M., Blundy, J., Sparks, S., 2018. Chemical differentiation, cold storage and remobilization of magma in the Earth’s crust. Nature 564, 405
• Afanasyev, A., Blundy, J., Melnik, O., Sparks, S., 2018. Formation of magmatic brine lenses via focussed fluid-flow beneath volcanoes. Earth and Planetary Science Letters 486, 119-12
• Cashman, K.V., Sparks, R.S.J., Blundy, J., 2017. Vertically extensive and unstable magmatic systems: a unifying view of igneous processes. Science 355, 1280
• Laumonier, M., Gaillard, F., Muir, D., Blundy, J., Unsworth, M. 2017. A giant magmatic water reservoir in the Altiplano-Puna crust. Earth and Planetary Science Letters 457, 173-180
• Blundy, J., Annen, C. 2016. Crustal magmatic systems from the perspective of heat transfer. Elements 12, 115-120
• Blundy, J., Mavrogenes, J. Tattitch, B. Sparks, S., Gilmer, A., 2015. Generation of porphyry copper deposits by gas-brine reaction in volcanic arcs. Nature Geoscience 8: 235-240
• Blundy, J., Cashman, K, Rust, A., Witham, F., 2010. A case for CO2-rich arc magmas. Earth and Planetary Science Letters 290, 289-301
• Blundy, J., Cashman, K., Humphreys, M.C.S., 2006. Magma heating by decompression-driven crystallisation beneath andesite volcanoes. Nature 443, 76-80
• Annen, C., Blundy, J.D., Sparks, R.S.J., 2006. The genesis of intermediate and silicic magmas in deep crustal hot zones. Journal of Petrology, 47, 505-539
• Blundy, J., Wood, B., 2003. Partitioning of trace elements between crystals and melts. Earth and Planetary Science Letters 210, 387-397.

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