Jack Andrews

Jack Andrews

Stevenson Junior Research Fellow in Medical Sciences (Psychology)

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I am a developmental psychologist interested in how adolescents navigate their complex social networks, and how these networks impact mental health. In particular, my current programme of work is focused on (1) the role of peer influence effects on adolescent mental health (e.g., social contagion and co-rumination), (2) the application of novel methods to evaluate the success and failure of school-based interventions for mental health (e.g., using social network analysis) and (3) the development of social-cognition during adolescence (e.g., social working memory).

Prior to joining Oxford, I graduated with a BA (Hons) from Cambridge, and a PhD in Cognitive Neuroscience from UCL, followed by two years as a Postdoc at the University of New South Wales, and the University of Sydney, Australia. My research is currently funded by a Wellcome Trust Early-Career Award and University College, Oxford.

Selected Publications

• Andrews JL, Dalgleish T, Stretton J & Schweizer S. Reappraisal capacity is unrelated to depressive and anxiety symptoms (2023). Scientific Reports.

• Andrews JL, Li M, Minihan S, Songco A, Fox E, Ladouceur CD, Mewton L, Moulds M, Pfeifer J, van Harmelen A-L & Schweizer S. The effect of intolerance of uncertainty on anxiety and depression, and their symptom networks, during the COVID-19 pandemic (2023). BMC Psychiatry.

• Foulkes L & Andrews JL. The prevalence inflation hypothesis: Are mental health awareness efforts contributing to the rise in mental health problems? (2023). New Ideas in Psychology.

• Andrews JL & Schweizer S. The need for functional assessments in school based mental health intervention research (2022). JAMA Psychiatry.

• Andrews JL, Birrell L, Chapman C, Teesson M, Newton N, Allsop S, McBride N, Hides L, Andrews G, Olsen N, Mewton L & Slade T. Evaluating the effectiveness of a universal eHealth school-based prevention program for depression and anxiety, and the moderating role of friendship network characteristics (2022). Psychological Medicine.

• Andrews JL, Khin AC, Crayn T, Humphreys K & Schweizer S (2022). Measuring online and offline social rejection sensitivity in the digital age. Psychological Assessment.

• Tomova, L, Andrews JL & Blakemore SJ (2021). The importance of belonging and the avoidance of social risk taking in adolescence. Developmental Review.

• Andrews JL, Ahmed, S & Blakemore SJ (2020). Navigating the social environment in adolescence: The role of social brain development. Biological Psychiatry.

• Andrews JL, Foulkes L, Bone JK & Blakemore SJ (2020). Amplified concern for social risk in adolescence: Development and validation of a new measure. Brain Sciences.

• Andrews JL, Foulkes L & Blakemore SJ (2020). Peer influence in adolescence: Public-health implications for COVID-19. Trends in Cognitive Sciences.

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