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Open Days June 2024 report

A group photograph of Univ Open day helpersThe Oxford June Open Days took place on the 26 and 27 June. We were pleased to welcome over 1,200 prospective applicants and their supporters over the two days!

Oxford Open Days are a team effort here at Univ, and many different departments of the College (from the domestic bursary team, to the gardeners, to the kitchen staff, academics, porters and scouts) all played their part. The stars of the show were our team of 42 student helpers, all passionate to show off what Univ has to offer. It was wonderful to have applicants and supporters come to see me to tell me how kind and helpful they were. A heartfelt thank you to all members of the College community for your help and support in running such a smooth and successful operation.

On 20th September, we will be opening the Univ doors for the final time in 2024 to welcome prospective students as part of the University’s September Open Day.

We have recently been trialling a new activity at Univ during the Open Days — visitors will get the chance to watch a “demonstration interview” between one of our wonderful tutors and a student. Prospective applicants have said how watching the demonstration interview helped put their minds at ease when thinking about the Oxford application process, so be sure to come along.

Our Open Days really wouldn’t be possible without our lovely team of student helpers here at Univ, who will be on hand during the day to show students around the College, chat to them about student life and take them along to our scheduled demonstration interview sessions and admissions talks. It was attending university open days whilst at school that motivated and inspired me to study at top universities like Oxford. I think going to an open day made it all ‘feel real’, rather than photos on a website. We look forward to welcoming you soon!

Savannah Phillips
School Liaison and Access Office.

If you’re interested in visiting Univ as part of the day, you can explore our programme on the College website Open Days page or via the University’s useful College timetables page.

Published: 9 July 2024

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