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VMSG 2024 conference

Three Oxford volcanology students standing beside posterOld Members’ Trust Graduate Conference and Academic Travel Fund Travel Report – Bei Bei Morrison Evans (2021 DPhil Earth Sciences)

At the start of January 2024, I attended the Volcanic and Magmatic Studies Group (VMSG) conference in Bristol. On the Wednesday morning I attended a data visualisation workshop which covered how to improve science communication through better figure making. We looked at what makes a good figure, accessibility of figures (e.g. colour schemes chosen), resources available etc.

In the afternoon, conference registration opened and we began with two sessions of talks. I presented in the first session on my recent high-pressure and high-temperature results. The talk went well and I got some great questions on my highly calcic plagioclases and the influence of minor elements on mineral stability. The talks were followed by a poster session and an icebreaker event. This was a great opportunity to talk to people in my field of research and others who I had met at previous conferences.

The second day began with two sessions of talks, followed by lunch and a PhD forum. In the afternoon the talks continued and led into the second poster session. I had some great discussions with other experimental petrologists. We then moved over to the Wills Memorial building for a seminar by Sir Steve Sparks for the 60th anniversary of VMSG. The talk was followed by a banquet in the Great Hall. This was a really lovely event and a great opportunity to talk to people over dinner.

On the Friday, we began with the final conference talks. After lunch, three speakers who had been nominated and won awards from VMSG gave talks on their research and careers so far. The conference closed with the AGM and announcement of next years VMSG location (…Dublin)! In the evening there was then an outreach event – two volcanology films were screened (Into the Inferno and Lava Bombs) and activities to engage with the public.

VMSG is a great conference to attend as it is a friendly and welcoming community. I really enjoyed presenting my work and being able to discuss it with lots of people afterwards. Thank you to University College for providing the funds to attend this conference.

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Published: 14 June 2024

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