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William of Durham Luncheon 2024

People talkingOld Members and friends, and their guests gathered for the annual luncheon of the William of Durham Club on 18 May 2024, an occasion at which we recognise those members of Univ who have pledged a legacy to the College, and those who are considering this special form of giving.

We are grateful to Nick Perry (1974) for the following report:

People talkingAlways great to be back – especially when the weather plays its part – to a College still humming with the very recent Univ 775 Giving Day.

This year’s morning programme was a fascinating series of three talks on research into various aspects of Manuscripts; some relatively mundane and others of huge historical importance, each with a clear Univ connection of one sort or another.  Not a topic I knew anything about, but it was delightful.  Every day a learning day! – and where better to learn?

People talkingFelicitous random encounters in pleasant settings are the name of this game.  Many of the people we meet at the William of Durham day we don’t see at all otherwise – except this year, when one of our number was somebody we’d met entirely fortuitously somewhere completely different in the interim!  The Durhamites and their partners & guests certainly get around, and always have great stories to tell across the table and over a drink.

Photos: Murray Palmer

Published: 13 June 2024

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