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Africans and war in Vietnam conference


A meeting of the General Algerian Workers’ Union (UGTA) in the 1960s – courtesy of the personal archive of Ouardia Belanteur

Dr Natalya Benkhaled-Vince, Sanderson Tutorial Fellow in Modern History, is co-organising an international conference “Africans and war in Vietnam: Global protest, liberation politics and transnational soldiers”, to be held at the Rothermere American Institute in Oxford, 26 to 27 June 2024.

The conference seeks to create a new research agenda about Africa’s entanglements with the French and American wars in Vietnam. Scholars from across four continents will be presenting in person and online on topics ranging from intimate relationships between West African soldiers in the French army and Vietnamese women to Ghanian President Kwame Nkrumah’s attempts to broker peace in the region.

Dr Pierre Asselin, Dwight E. Stanford Chair in American Foreign Relations in the Department of History at San Diego State University, author of Vietnam’s American War: A New History, whose second edition is forthcoming with Cambridge University Press this year, and editor of The Cambridge History of the Vietnam War, Volume III: Endings (also forthcoming in 2024), will give the Keynote Lecture on 26 June, “Art as Weapon: Vietnamese Communist Cultural Diplomacy in the American War.”

Dr Benkhaled-Vince will be presenting on how Vietnam featured in Algerian political imaginaries and everyday life in the 1960s on 27 June.

Download the full programme here.

To register for the conference, please email: africa.vietnamwar24@gmail.com

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Published: 24 June 2024

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