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Pedal & Post at Univ

large cargo bow with Pedal & Post on the front and the univ logo on the sideAs part of our ongoing ambitions to reduce our environmental impact, the College has led on the development of a pilot project for the Colleges for “final mile” parcel delivery by cargo bike. The concept is not new – you will have seen the bikes around Oxford – but their use by colleges is.

We will be engaging Pedal and Post, based on Binsey Lane, who already work with companies including Evri and DPD (with Fedex, UPS and DHL to follow). The pilot, involving six colleges, starts on 1 September before the rush of Michaelmas Term begins and will run for a full year.  There will be no cost to the student or staff member for this service.

Currently we have up to 100 parcels delivered to the Lodge on a daily basis across more than a dozen different delivery drops. Amazon are the only significant courier which does not contract to Pedal and Post, so the biggest impact we can make is to change the address on our Amazon purchases to have them routed through the Pedal and Post system; however, please do change your delivery address on every online order you make to make sure we achieve the biggest impact.

The address to ask for delivery to is:
[Your Name]
University College
Pedal and Post
Binsey Lane
Oxford, OX2 0EX

For Staverton residents, both second years and the residents of the flats the address is:

[Your Name]
University College ANNEX
Pedal and Post
Binsey Lane
Oxford, OX2 0EX

When parcels arrive at Univ they will be passed on in the standard way, usually pidge for Fellows and staff and Pack City lockers for students. We will receive one delivery each afternoon from the cargo bikes.

We warmly encourage you to use the service by making this simple change, not only to reduce our environmental impact, particularly in that last slow mile through our streets, but in support of the University’s Vision Zero ambitions, where cyclist and pedestrian safety is improved through fewer couriers and vehicle movements in the City. The scheme can only be as good as we can make it, so your participation is key; watch out for social media and poster campaigns around College as we continue to bring this pilot to everyone’s attention.

Throughout the year we will report to the Sustainability Committee on how the scheme is going and will return to the College community for feedback and advice.

FAQs about the scheme can be found below, but if you have any further questions please contact Domestic Bursar and Chair of Univ’s Sustainability Committee, Angela Unsworth, E: Angela.Unsworth@univ.ox.ac.uk

Many thanks in advance for helping us reduce our environmental impact.


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Published: 23 August 2023

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