Jon Bishop
Jon Bishop

What is your job title and what does it involve?

Political Risk Broker at RFIB Group Ltd. In this role I negotiate the placement of Political Risk Insurance in the Lloyd’s, London and International markets, on behalf of our clients. Political Risk Insurance is a product to protect international trade and investments against Government action or inaction (such as Expropriation, Breach of Contract and Political Violence), predominantly in Emerging Market economies.


Did you have a career plan when you left Univ?

I was a Royal Navy Sponsored Undergraduate whilst at Univ, so I already knew that I would begin my Initial Officer Training at Britannia Royal Naval College Dartmouth upon completing my degree. I served in the Royal Navy as an Air Engineer Officer in the Fleet Air Arm for just less than six years, enjoying a varied and thoroughly rewarding short career, deploying across the world from Norway to California via Afghanistan. 


What projects have you enjoyed working on the most so far?

In my current role at RFIB, I have been fortunate to work on some fascinating development projects in Africa, the Middle East and South Asia, focusing specifically on the Energy (including Renewables) and Infrastructure sectors. These projects have been accomplished through financing structures designed to encourage foreign direct investment (where the provision of local funding is often insufficient) and promote sustainable growth in Emerging Markets, ultimately aiming to assist in the alleviation of poverty in some of the world’s poorest nations.


What do you cherish most from your time at Univ?

Univ offers students a collaborative environment for academic, social and personal development, providing unparalleled opportunities in a truly unique setting. All of these features are often taken for granted and it's only when I left the 'college bubble' and entered the professional world that I realised how lucky I was to gain such formative experiences at Univ. I will always cherish the warm and friendly welcome we received from college representatives and Lady Butler in particular during 'Maths week' (despite being told off for changing the kitchen radio station!), as well as the many friends I made throughout my time at Univ, whether in the college bar, during JCR tea or on the sports field.


What did you do apart from studying while you were in Oxford?

Whilst at Oxford, I tried to immerse myself in as many extra-curricular activities as possible (free time permitting!), seeking out intellectually stimulating discussions and challenging leadership roles wherever possible. These are probably too numerous to list here, but these ranged from being a JCR Entertainment Representative, to attending and participating in Oxford University Strategic Studies Group (OUSSG) meetings, to representing Oxford University Hockey Club and organising a mixed tour to Barbados.


Did you receive scholarships, grants, or prizes while at Univ?

I was honoured to be a recipient of a 53/03 Golden Bursary whilst at Univ and still owe a great debt of gratitude to all contributing 1953 matriculands.


What do you do when you're not working?

When I'm not working or studying for professional exams, I still enjoy playing and watching as much sport as possible, playing hockey every Saturday throughout the winter. I also volunteer as a mentor to talented young adults from underprivileged backgrounds in East London and sit on various committees, including 'Young Univ' to grow the network of Univ's Under 35 alumni. Outside of these commitments, I'll probably be found concocting recipes in the kitchen or planning my next adventure to somewhere new in the world.


Why do you think it's important to support the College?

Without Old Members' support, many of the fantastic opportunities presented by Univ to current students simply would not be possible. I feel passionately that it is incumbent on all Old Members to support the College in whatever way they can, to safeguard the unique Univ environment and ensure the next generation continues to receive the same life affirming experiences that we have all enjoyed in the past.