Emeritus Professor of Geology and Supernumerary Fellow
John Frederick Dewey


Basic interests are in structural geology and tectonics from the small-scale structures and fabrics of deformed rocks to the large-scale tectonic scale, especially relating the small to the large and relating detailed geology of regions to plate tectonics. Field-based research is on the rock fabrics and structures of transpression and transtension especially in California, New Zealand, Norway, Ireland and Newfoundland; arc-continent collision; tectonic evolution of Precambrian Earth; evolution of the Appalachian/Caledonian Orogen; geology of Britain and Ireland; deposits of tsunamis, freak waves, and storm surges; geohazard of volcanoes, earthquakes and landslides.

Email: jfdeweyrocks@gmail.com
Tel: 011 44 (0)1865 735525 (home Oxford)

Articles & publications

Recent publications:
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