Univ Jakub Benes
Senior College Lecturer; Departmental Lecturer in Modern History
Jakub Beneš


I give tutorials on Europe in the long nineteenth century as well as on historical methods and theory (Approaches to History and Disciplines of History) to undergraduates at Univ. I also teach the second year further subject Nationalism in Western Europe and the first year Optional Subject 1919: Remaking the World. I am available to supervise graduate students working on topics related to my research interests. 


I am a historian of modern Europe with particular interests in the history of nationalism, social movements, and popular culture in the central and eastern parts of the continent. I have written on the cultural history of rival Czech and German ethnic nationalisms within the Social Democratic movement of Habsburg Austria in the years 1890-1918. My current research focuses on rural rebellion and social protest at the end of the First World War in Austria-Hungary. I am exploring how the protagonists of this unrest - so-called “green cadres”, composed of army deserters and radicalized peasants - influenced the imperial collapse and society between the world wars. 

Articles & publications


Workers and Nationalism. Czech and German Social Democracy in Habsburg Austria, 1890-1918 (Oxford University Press, 2016) Details on OUP here.


'The Green Cadres and the Collapse of Austria Hungary in 1918' (Forthcoming, Past & Present)
'Zelené kádry’ jako radikální alternativa pro venkov na západním Slovensku a ve středovýchodní Evropě 1917 – 1920' [The 'Green Cadres' as a radical alternative for the countryside in western Slovakia and East Central Europe, 1917-1920] Forum Historiae vol. 9, no. 2 (December 2015)
'Upori na podeželju ob propadu Avstro-Ogrske: zeleni kader v čeških deželah leta 1918', [The countryside in revolt at the end of Austria-Hungary: Green Cadres in the Czech Lands 1918] in Igor Grdina, ed., Velika Vojna in Mali Ljudje (Ljubljana, 2015)
'Socialist Popular Literature and the Czech-German Split in Austrian Social Democracy, 1890 - 1914', Slavic Review, Vol. 72, No. 2 (Summer 2013), pp. 327-352.
'Czech Social Democracy, František Soukup, and the Habsburg Austrian Suffrage Campaign 1897-1907 – Toward a New Understanding of Nationalism in the Workers’ Movements of East Central Europe'. Střed/Centre Vol. 4, No. 2 (December 2012), pp. 9-34.