Tom Povey
Tutorial Fellow in Engineering; Professor of Engineering Science

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Tom Povey


Tom is particularly interested in Fluid Dynamics and Thermodynamics, and gives University lectures on these topics, which he teaches in tutorials at Univ. Tom also enjoys teaching Dynamics, Mechanical Vibrations and some Mathematics courses. Tom also lectures on specialist options in later years of the course, for example Gas Dynamics, which deals with high speed flows, and the formation of shock waves in supersonic flight. Tom enjoys holding extra classes in college for Univ students that choose to take these optional courses.

Research Interests

Tom’s research is related to turbomachines, and particularly the turbine stages of large civil turbofan (jet) engines. His current research includes studies of unsteady interactions in gas turbines; turbine aero-thermal interactions; combustor hot-streak migration; and the design of transient experimental methods to replace large experimental turbine rigs. 


BA, MA, DPhil
After studying Physics at St Catherine’s College in Oxford in the 1990s, Tom did a DPhil in the Turbomachinery Group under the supervision of Professors Terry Jones and Martin Oldfield (themselves Physicists and Mathematicians who had defected to Engineering, specializing in Hypersonics and Turbomachinery). Following his DPhil Tom was appointed as the Rolls Royce Industrial Fellow (at St Catherine’s College) before taking up his current post as Tutorial Fellow at Univ in 2004. In 2008 the post was endowed as the Tacchi Fellowship. His Univ Fellowship is held jointly with an academic post in the Department of Engineering Science. 
Tom is also a keen mountaineer and climber.

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