Patrick Baird
Tutorial Fellow in Physics; IT Fellow and Web Fellow; University Research Lecturer in Physics

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Patrick Baird


Currently, I take all first years through the entire range of the physics syllabus leading to the preliminary examination; in the past at various times I have also covered all of the second year material, including thermal and statistical physics, quantum and atomic physics . For the 3rd and 4th year undergraduates I have taught areas close to my own research interests, namely atomic & molecular physics as well as optics and lasers. I am also involved in the teaching of the advanced paper (laser science and quantum information processing) at the departmental level.



My research interests lie in the areas of precision laser spectroscopy, laser cooling and the trapping of atoms and ions using either a combination of electric and magnetic fields or optical lattice potentials. The aims of the research are to test fundamental physical theories, e.g. quantum electrodynamics in simple atomic systems; to look for possible temporal variations in the fundamental constants; to test for violations of discrete symmetries such time and parity. The research also includes the accurate measurement of time and the development of optical clocks as a potential standard for the re-definition of the second.


Articles & publications

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