Univ Michael Laidlaw
Stipendiary Lecturer in Inorganic Chemistry

Further information

Mike Laidlaw


I teach inorganic chemistry to MChem students and I am a Fellow of the Higher Education Academy.


When I am not teaching, I undertake research involving the synthesis of cyanide-bridged mixed-valence complexes and the investigation of their electronic structure by nuclear and electron magnetic resonance.


Articles & publications

W.M.Laidlaw, R.G.Denning, D.M.Murphy and J.C.Green, Dalton Trans., (2008), 6257-6264. Solvent dependence of the g-anisotropy in the ESR of cyanide-bridged mixed-valence complexes.
W.M.Laidlaw and R.G.Denning, Chem. Commun. (2008), 1590-1592. 13C cyanide NMR studiesin paramagnetic cyanide bridged mixed-valence compounds.