Papers of John Appleton (Master 1403-10)

John Appleton was first recorded as a Fellow of University College in 1399, and was then its Master of University College from 1403-1410.


According to his entry in A. B. Emden’s biographical register, after Appleton left the College, he was Vicar of Grantham, Lincs., from 1408 to after 1417, then of Halton, Bucks., in 1429, and lastly Vicar of Thame, Oxon., in 1431-1437.

The following document, concerning his welfare in his old age, is the only document about Appleton in the College Archives.

Catalogued in September 1996.

UC:MA6/L1/1                                                                                       18 Nov 1438
Dispensation from the Chancellor of Oxford to University College to permit John Appulton, former Master of the College, now old and ill, to hold a fellowship funded by the rents from Marks Hall.
The document is in good condition, but its seal was missing even in the early 18th century. It has been published and translated in R. H. Darwall-Smith, Early Records of University College (OHS n.s. xlvi 2015), pp. 64–5.
Language: Latin.