Papers of Anthony Gate (Master 1584-97)

Anthony Gate appears to have spent all his academic life as a member of University College.

He took his B.A. in 1568/9, and his M.A. in 1572, and is recorded as renting a room in the College from 1573/4-1583/4. When he was elected Master of the College in 1584, he was the first, and (until the 20th century) the only layman to take up this post. He died in office in 1597.
    Gate’s tenure of the Mastership was not notable for any major events; however, more was done to improve teaching facilities for the recently-installed undergraduates of the College, and it received major benefactions, such as land in Montgomeryshire from the Earl of Leicester in 1588, land at Methley from Otho Hunt in 1590, and land at Pontefract from Thomas Freeston in 1592. Gate also seems to have held somewhat "puritan" reliegious beliefs (see Robin Darwall-Smith, A History of University College, Oxford (Oxford, 2008), pp. 114-17).
    The only document about Gate in the archives concerns some land which he and his brother Geoffrey had leased from New College.

    Catalogued in November 1996.

UC:MA23/1D/1                                              n.d. (c.1584-1597)
Draft Licence of Alienation
1.    Marten Colnpeper, Doctor of Physick, and Warden of Saincte Marie Colledge of Winchester in Oxford [i.e. New College], and the Scollers of the same.
2.    a) Geoffery Gate of Carbroke, Norfolk, Esq.
       b) Anthonye Gate, Master of University College, Oxford, Brother of 2a.
Property: Property (unspecified) in the Lordship of Akley, Bucks.
Comments: 1 permit to 2 assign the above property, which was leased to them on 13 Dec 18 Eliz I (1575).
            The deed is undated, but must date from Anthony Gate's tenure of the Mastership.