The Goodhart Project

The Goodhart Building constitutes one of the major philanthropic legacies of Arthur Lehman Goodhart, Master of University College from 1951-63.

On this page you will find details of the Goodhart Building refurbishment project including information on the Goodhart Project Supporters and Partners, Goodhart Opening & Alumni Drinks and a selection of Architects' Plans.

About the Goodhart Building


Opened in 1962, the Building has already housed two generations of students, and allowed them to live on the main site, in the heart of the College – a place of friendship and community, and a brilliantly effective support for academic achievement. It is a vital component of the College’s accommodation provision.

In 2014, a major refurbishment was undertaken to fulfil the more stringent environmental requirements of the 21st Century, and to meet the needs of the next generation of students. This successful renovation has included a range of measures intended to make the Building not only more usable and comfortable, but also more energy efficient. The revitalised Goodhart Building is bright, light and contemporary, state-of-the-art and an attractive home for the future of Univ undergraduates.

To find out more about the Project, please see the brochure below. It outlines the plans for the Project, and details of how you can make your mark on Goodhart.


If you have any questions about the Goodhart Project, or would like to discuss potential naming opportunities or philanthropic gifts, please contact William Roth, Director of Development and Fellow.



Goodhart Project Supporters and Partners


The Goodhart Building refurbishment has been a £6m project, for which the College undertook to raise £1m in philanthropic contributions.

We would like to thank all of the donors who have generously contributed to this important work. Their giving will continue to benefit generations of students, for years to come. We are grateful to them for their support.



The Class of 1964
Bill Bernhard (1956, PPE)
Alan Burnett (1954, PPE)
Gareth and Susan Capner
The Revd Dr Brian Creak (1960, Geography)
Paul DiBiase (1954, Law)
Sian Fisher (1981, Law)
Beccy Goodhart and David Billings
Charles and Miffy Goodhart
Frances Goodhart
Lucy Goodhart
William and Celia Goodhart

Michael Graham Hank Gutman (1963, Law)
Krista Koskivirta (2011, Law)
Mary Lau
The Edith A and Herbert H Lehman Foundation, Inc
The Overbrook Foundation
Gary Phillips (1983, Law)
James Pipkin Jr (1964, Law)
Mark Studer (1970, Classics)
The Swire Family
David Sykes (1963, Chemistry) and Lois Sykes
William Wakefield
Robert Ware (1963, Philosophy)
Helen Watkins (1982, Philosophy)
Laura Goodhart Watts and William Watts
Andrew White (1968, Law)
Tony Williams (1950, Classics)
The Wolfson Foundation
Hen Yu Wong (1988, Medicine)

Design Team

Steve Lamborne, Project Manager, Beard Construction
John Youle, Director, Beard Construction
Tania Gomez Duran, Associate, Freeland Rees Roberts Architects
Henry Freeland, Director, Freeland Rees Roberts Architects
Phil Dimond, Associate Director, Quantity Surveyor and CDM Coordinator, McBains Cooper
Martin Merritt, Mechnical Consultant, McBains Cooper
Stephen Phillips, Electrical Consultant, QODA
Oliver Fyson, Structural Engineer, AKS Ward Construction Consultants
Nick Paterson-Neild, Planning Consultant, Barton Willmore
Dr Roland B Harris, Archaeological Consultant

Univ Team

Sir Ivor Crewe, Master
Elizabeth Crawford, Domestic Bursar (1987-2015)
Frank Marshall, Estates Bursar
Richard Pye, College Surveyor
Teresa Strike, Assoc CIPD Operations Manager
Martha Cass, Senior Development Executive



Goodhart Opening & Alumni Drinks


Univ Old Members were invited to join us for an Opening Tour of the refurbished Goodhart Building on the afternoon of Saturday 3rd October, followed by the Annual Alumni Drinks Reception.

A video about the rededication can be viewed on this page and photographs from the day can be viewed here.

We are extremely grateful to all donors who have given to this project, including the Wolfson Foundation, who have kindly provided a grant of £50,000 towards the cost of the refurbishment.

Donations are still being sought for some aspects of the project, including a number of student rooms, and the last of the three bespoke rooms for students with disabilities. And there is still one staircase left to name!

If you’d like to contribute, or for more information, please contact the Development Office, on +44 (0)1865 286208;



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• Over £800 million (£1.7 billion in real terms) has been awarded to more than 10,000 projects throughout the UK

• Established in 1955, the Wolfson Foundation celebrates its 60th anniversary in 2015




Architects' Plans