Worldwide societies

Univ alumni networks flourish around the globe. They help us to organise social and networking events for OMs and friends living overseas; to host travelling Fellows and students; and to extend Annual Fund participation worldwide.


Please visit the Alumni Events section for details of upcoming worldwide events.


To make a tax-efficient gift to Univ from outside the UK, click here. In addition to the networks below, in Turkey we have an established programme of Roger Short Travel Scholarships.


If you have suggestions for developing worldwide societies, and/or if you would like to help with any overseas events or fund-raising, please contact the The Development Team.


American Friends

The College has a network of more than 720 Univ members, past or present, living and working in the United States. These include many Rhodes and Marshall Scholars. Old Members are prominent in almost every walk of life: serving their respective professions and contributing crucial expertise across the country, from former President Bill Clinton (1968) to Olympic Silver medallist Emily deRiel (1996).


We are always delighted to hear from OMs throughout the USA and, where we can, to help you meet and network with other Univ men and women. In recent times, there have been gatherings in San Francisco, Los Angeles, Portland, Washington DC, Chicago and Boston and we particularly look forward to seeing many OMs every few years at the Oxonian reunion in New York City.


The American Friends of University College Oxford (AFUCO) have been actively fund-raising for the College for 27 years with the kind help of Paul Chellgren (1966). The AFUCO work closely with OMs and the Development Office to accommodate the wishes of our USA donors and to facilitate support for Univ and its students. As a registered 501(c)(3) corporation, they are able to accept checks, appreciated securities, matched gifts and – in conjunction with the other Oxford colleges and the University – Planned Gifts to the College or the Univ Old Members' Trust. As one particularly special example of American Friends’ support, USA OMs have a proud tradition of funding Master's Scholarships for current students to travel to America and many alumni offer to host the scholars whilst they are State-side.


Univ Asia
The College has a network of more than 350 Univ members living and working across Asia. We are always delighted to hear from OMs throughout the continent and, where we can, to help you meet and network with other Univ alumni and students. We now hold regular gatherings for Univ members and friends in Hong Kong. We hope that you will be able to join us at some or all of these events. Details of future gatherings will be included in the Alumni Events section.


Univ Europe
We have held several Univ Europe dinners in Brussels, Paris and Berlin. Many thanks to all the Old Members and friends who attended and made these events such memorable occasions. Details of future dinners will be included in the Alumni Events section.


Australia & New Zealand Friends
Established during the 750th Anniversary celebrations, the Australian Friends chapter now features a regular programme of events including the annual Sydney dinner organised by Sarah Strasser (1991) and Rawdon Dalrymple (1952), and additional gatherings in Sydney, Melbourne, Perth and Adelaide. The current secretary to the society is Stuart McCulloch (1982) who makes a special request by letter each May to Australian OMs for support of the Annual Fund. Kris Gledhill (1981) meanwhile has kindly agreed to act as our first New Zealand Friends Secretary.


The Univ Australia Old Members' Scholarship Fund has been set up to encourage Australian graduate students to study at Univ. Since 1999, it has supported a number of graduates and our goal is now to grow this fund significantly, to enable more aspiring students to follow in their footsteps. Gifts to this objective, via the Australian National University, are tax-deductible for Australian taxpayers.


Canadian Friends
Our Canadian Friends chapter was established during the 1990s and the current secretary to the society is George Cooper (1965) who succeeded David Harley (1953). Each November, George makes a special request to Canadian OMs for support of the Annual Fund.


We also organise events for our Canadian Old Members. There are currently more than 125 people in our Canadian Univ community.


Canadian taxpayers can make tax-deductible donations to Univ (by either cheque or credit card) via the "The University of Oxford Development Trust", which receives its charitable donation status under Section 118.1(F) of the Income Tax Act of Canada and Regulations (Section 3503). Tax effective gifts can be designated towards Master's Travel Scholarships to Canada or any other part of the College's Annual Fund.