Student Welfare at Univ

Univ takes seriously the health, welfare and well-being of its students and employees.

We welcome students from many different backgrounds and from many different countries, and we take active steps to maintain a supportive environment in which they all may flourish. Our commitment to student welfare is reflected in our approach to teaching, and in the library and computing resources, and the accommodation and food that we offer. We also support sport, music, drama and many other extra-curricular activities that enable students to develop and to thrive both as rounded individuals and as members of a college community.

We also recognise that students may sometimes find themselves in difficult situations. If this happens, we encourage any student who finds herself or himself in some sort of difficulty or distress, or feeling under particular pressure, to ask for help at an early stage. It is usually helpful to try not to let things drag on or to get out of control. And it’s particularly important that a student asks for help if a problem is likely to affect his or her academic work.

Sources of Support

Univ has a team of officers with shared responsibility for the welfare of students. We are there to try to help all our students to flourish in a welcoming and supportive environment, and to offer particular assistance to those who may find themselves in difficulties of one sort or another.

Academic Support

The academic welfare of undergraduate students is primarily the responsibility of tutors and the Senior Tutor. Our provision for academic welfare includes the reasonable adjustments that we make for students who have a disability or who are ill or injured at a particular time.

Non-academic Support

The College is also concerned for the non-academic welfare of its students. One reason for this is that we believe that a positive working environment in which people may flourish and find appropriate support is itself a positive good. Another reason is that we know that a student’s general health and well-being often has a bearing on his or her ability to make good academic progress.

To find out more about our academic and non-academic support, and who to contact for help of any kind, please browse the Welfare subpages through the menu on the lefthand side of the page.

Further information can be found in this document here (downloads to desktop.)