Wall plaster from Alistair Curtis Leeson (d. 1991)

This item was given to University College in 1994. Along with it are four letters concerning its possible origin. It was made by Alistair Curtis Leeson, who matriculated from the College in 1931. The Utopers mentioned on the frame are a long-standing College Cricket Club.

UC:P26/AR/1    28 May 1932
Framed fragment of wall plaster bearing several signatures, titled (on the top) Univ Utopers 28/5/32 and (on the bottom) DB.2.2 (apparently an allusion to the source of the plaster; i.e. Durham Buildings II Room 2).

UC:P26/C/1-4    25 Jun-11 Aug 1992
Four letters between Leeson's family and his contemporaries concerning the possible origin of the plaster.