The Univ Postgraduate Scholars

Postgraduate study at Univ - the vital statistics

• There are approximately 200 postgraduates at Univ, representing 42 countries, with 38% from the UK and 62% from overseas.
• Only two thirds of DPhil students, and one third of Masters students, are fully funded.


The cost of postgraduate study

• Living costs: £13,900 per year (Research Councils UK minimum)
• University Fees:
• - UK/EU: £4,000 - £10,000 per year, depending on programme
• - Overseas: £7,000 - £20,000 per year, depending on programme
College fee: £2,900 per year

Total: £21,000 - £37,000 per year, depending on programme and nationaility

University average: £31,000 per year


Partnering with departments creates triple-gearing

In addition to matched funding from the Oxford-Radcliffe and University schemes, the College also arranges partnership funding with individual departments across Oxford. The graph opposite shows the spread of Oxford students across these divisions. These collaborations further reduce the cost to the College of supporting its postgraduates, extending the value of your philanthropic investment.

How you can support the next generation of postgraduates

A collection of major gifts (£25,000 and above) will help to generate crucial funding and leverage further support, allowing Univ to secure the brightest talent, students who can truly contribute to the College’s intellectual community. In many cases, your gift to postgraduate scholarships could increase almost threefold through various matching programmes.


"One of the things that influenced my decision to study at Univ was the fact that the College offers excellent funding for conferences, providing a vital opportunity to share new discoveries with fellow researchers.” – Julia Brouard


You can view the profiles of some of Univ's postgraduates by selecting from the list below. Links open in new window.