Univ Old Members' Trust

Univ is unique in Oxford in having two separate endowments to support the College. The College’s own endowment is the first of these; the second is the Univ Old Members’ Trust (OMT).


The role of the Trust

The Trust was founded in 1988 to further the educational purposes of the College. Its main objectives are:

(a) to support and financially sustain Univ to enable it to operate and maintain its position as a first class academic institution;

(b) to foster and retain goodwill and good relations amongst the family of Univ Members, past and present;

(c) to offer financial support, via means-tested bursaries, to Univ students.


As an independent charity (no. 1137545), its Trustees are charged with ensuring that the OMT’s mandate is carried out in line with the Charity Commission’s requirements for charitable bodies. It is therefore close to, but not part of, the College, and this position enables it both to provide a bridge between the College and its Old Members and to ensure that the use of its assets is in conformity with its objectives and with any restrictions that have been placed on their use by donors.


In selecting its members, the Trust has always sought to be broadly representative of generations and degree subject and, as far as possible, of geographical location. They meet three times a year and are supported by the work of two sub-committees comprising both Trustee and non-Trustee OMs. The Student Support and Access Committee is responsible for distributing bursaries to students along guidelines agreed by the Trust.  The Finance Committee oversees the management of the Trust’s assets and determines the level of expenditure by the Trust in support of College objectives.


Old Members’ Trust Bursaries

Thanks to the support of Old Members, Univ offers significant financial assistance to its undergraduates. OMT Bursaries offer financial support for Univ undergraduates with household residual incomes below around £52,000. Some of these are Tacchi-Fischer Bursaries which specifically assist students in need of financial assistance who come from schools which do not have a tradition of sending pupils to Oxford.


Management of OMT funds

The OMT currently holds £9.2m in assets, most of which are managed by Global Asset Management (GAM) and Ruffer. The OMT’s current investment objective is to achieve a 5% real return on investment, with no distinction between income and capital gains. Ways of achieving this objective are constantly under review by the Finance sub-committee (with advice from GAM) who report back to the OMT. Over the past three years the portfolio has exceeded this target, delivering RPI plus 5.44%. Sufficient funds are invested in their bond portfolio to cover 10 years estimated contributions to College – currently projected at about 3% of OMT assets annually, subject to the Trustees’ decisions.


To make a gift to the OMT Bursaries & Access Fund please contact The Development Team. Thank you very much for your support.