Univ Fellows

Emeritus Fellows

Mr George Cawkwell, MA (Auckland), MA (OXF)
Professor John McDowell, BA (LOND), MA (OXF), FBA, FAAAS
Professor David Soskice, MA (OXF), FBA
Dr Brian Loughman, BSc (Wales), MA (OXF), PhD (CAMB), FI BIOL, Dean of Old Members
Professor Michael Yudkin, MA, PhD (CAMB), MA, DPhil, DSc (OXF)
Professor Norman March, BSc, PhD (London), MA (OXF)
Professor John Allen, MA (CAMB), MA, DSc (OXF), DEng, PhD (LIV)
Dr Roy Park, MA (Glas), MA (OXF), PhD (CAMB)
Dr David Bell, MA, DPhil (OXF), Dean of Degrees
Dr Gordon Screaton, MA, PhD (CAMB), MA (OXF)
Dr Leslie Mitchell, MA, DPhil (OXF)
Mr Alexander Murray, BPhil, MA (OXF), FBA
Professor Christopher Pelling, MA, DPhil (OXF), FBA, FLSW
Professor Helen Cooper, MA, PhD (CAMB), FBA, MA (OXF)
Professor Hartmut Pogge Von Strandmann, MA, DPhil (OXF)
Profesor Nicholas Rawlins, MA, DPhil (OXF)
Dr Bob Thomas, MA, DPhil (OXF), FRS
Profesor John Finnis, LLB (Adelaide), MA, DPhil (OXF), FBA
Professor Adrian Zuckerman, LLM (Jerusalem), MA (OXF)
Mr Martin Matthews, LLB, MA (CAMB), LLB (Nott), BCL, MA (OXF), MCIArb
Dr Michael Nicholson, BA (Manc), MA, DPhil (OXF)
Professor Michael Collins, MA DPhil (OXF)
Ms Elizabeth Crawford, BA (Portsmouth Poly), MA (OXF)
Dr Patrick Baird BSc Exe, MA DPhil (OXF)


Supernumerary Fellows

Professor John Dewey, BSc, PhD (LOND), MA (OXF), FRS
Dr Julian Jack, BM, MA (OXF), MMEDSc, PhD (OTAGO), FRS
Dr Stephen Golding, BS(LOND), MB, MA (OXON), DMRD, FRCR, LRCP, MRCS

Honorary Fellows

H.R.H. The Duke of Edinburgh, KG, OM, DCL (OXON)
*Professor Stephen Hawking, CH, CBE, BA (OXON), PH D (CANTAB), FRS, FRSA
*Sir Vidiadhar Naipaul, BA (OXON), HON D LITT (CANTAB)
*Professor The Lord Oxburgh, KBE, MA (OXON), PH D (PRINCETON), FRS
*The Hon. Bob Hawke, AC, B LITT, HON DCL (OXON)
Sir Maurice Shock, MA (OXON)
*The Rt. Hon.The Lord Butler Of Brockwell, KG, GCB, CVO, MA (OXON)
Mrs Kay Glendinning, MBE
Professor John Taylor, MA, PH D (CANTAB), FRS
*President Bill Clinton, BS (GEORGETOWN), JD (YALE), HON DCL (OXON)
*Professor Sir David Edward, KCMG, QC (SCOTLAND), MA (OXON), FRSE
The Rt. Hon. The Lord Hoffmann, BCL, MA, (OXON) BA (CAPE TOWN)
Professor Rudy Marcus, B SC, PH D (MCGILL), FRS
*The Rt. Hon. The Lord Steyn, MA, LL B (STELLENBOSCH), MA (OXON)
*Mr Paul Chellgren, BS (KENTUCKY), MBA (HARVARD)
*Sir Hugh Stevenson, BA (OXON)
*Mr Timothy Tacchi, MA (OXON)
*Sir Andrew Motion, BA, M LITT (OXON), FRSL, FRSA
*Mr Michael Fischer, BA (OXON)
*President Festus Mogae, BA (OXON), MCC, PH, MP
*Mr Derek Wood, CBE, QC, MA (OXON)
*Dr Tom Bartlett, MA (OXON), PH D (STANFORD)
*The Hon. Justice Dyson Heydon, AC, BCL, MA (OXON), BA (SYDNEY)
*The Rt. Hon. The Lord Mance, MA (OXON)
*Mr Sandy Nairne, CBE, MA (OXON)
Professor John McDowell, BA (LOND), MA (OXON), FBA, FAAAS
*Professor David Hawkins, MA (OXON), FBA
*Professor Nicola Lacey, LLB (LOND), BCL (OXON), FBA
*Professor John Finnis, LL B (ADELAIDE), MA, D PHIL (OXON), FBA
Professor Christopher Pelling, MA, D PHIL (OXON), FBA, FLSW
Professor Helen Cooper, MA, D LITT (OXON), FBA

* Old Member

Foundation Fellows

Foundation Fellowships are awarded to those individuals who have made exceptional benefactions to the College, with donations in excess of £1 million. Foundation Fellows receive special recognition in the College’s Roll of Donors and the annual Record. They are invited to the College’s annual Feast of St Cuthbert. Foundation Fellows also receive a hand-coloured print of the College by Andrew Ingamells.

*Mr James Anderson, BA (OXON)
*Mr Timothy Sanderson, BA (OXON)
*Mr Thomas Schrecker, MA (OXON)
*Mr Edward Scott, BA, MA (MICHIGAN), BA (OXON)

*Old Member