Undergraduate Study

We want academically able candidates from all backgrounds and from all parts of the UK, Europe and the world to choose Oxford, and to choose our college.

Here are just some of the reasons why we think Univ stands out:

• Academically we are very strong, with outstanding tutors and lecturers, and a clear focus on supporting our students’ work and academic ambitions. Find out who teaches what and then check our fellows’ and lecturers’ biographies.
• We are big enough to offer a wide range of subjects but small enough to be well-known in Oxford as a friendly and supportive college community.
• Want to study Maths, Computer Sciences, Physics, Chemistry, Medicine, Biomedical Sciences, Earth Sciences or Engineering Science? Come to Univ and we’ll invite you to a free week-long Maths course just before the beginning of your first term. It gives our mathematicians and scientists a real head-start in their studies.
• We are right in the middle of Oxford with shops, restaurants and everything else on our doorstep. The Examination Schools, where many lectures are held, are next door; the main University library is two minutes’ walk away and the Science Area is ten minutes’ walk.
• Univ students can often have College accommodation for the whole of their course.
• Univ students can participate in a vast range of non-academic activities. We’re strong in music, drama and sport, and have a long list of College clubs and societies. Lots of our students also get involved in our unique Ambassador Scheme, working with schools and pupils to encourage them to aim for Oxford when applying to higher education. We have the largest non-auditioning choir in the University and a new, multi-million-pound boathouse on the bank of the River Thames.
• We have excellent student welfare provision and we aim to be one of the best colleges in Oxford when it comes to supporting our students: we take pride in being known as a caring community.
• We have one of the most generous needs-based bursary schemes in the University. About a sixth of Univ students receive an Old Members’ Trust Bursary worth between £100 to £1,750 per year. We have lots of other book and equipment, travel and vacation study grants too, and a student support fund for students experiencing unexpected financial hardship.