UC:P321 Copy of "The Cross and Martlets", 1881

This copy of this magazine was downloaded from Google Books and given to the archives by the Archivist in July 2016 as Accession No. 1197.

Catalogued in July 2016.

UC:P321/N1/1    1881
    Printout of digital version of The Cross and Martlets (published Birmingham, 1881). Edited by Edward William Badger (matr. 1874), it is based on a collection of items read at a dinner held on 6 June 1879 in the rooms over what is now the gateway to Radcliffe Quadrangle, in honour of some of the guests who were then going down. Badger took the pieces and them published in this booklet. The items include poems, short stories, and essays, some serious and some supposedly amusing. It is the earliest known example of a student publication produced by members of University College.
        The contributors were Badger himself, Francis Edward Brightman (matr. 1875), Herbert Simon Carey (matr. 1875), Alfred Perceval Keep (matr. 1878), Charles William Ridley (matr. 1875), Isidore Henry Bowles Spiers (matr. 1874), Robert Charles Lenney Tomlinson (matr. 1876), and Raymond Owen Williams (matr. 1875).