UC:P320 Collection of Title Deeds, 1578-1833

These documents were collected by Roger Willcox (matr. 1941) and presented by him to the archives of University College in July 2016 as Accession No. 1196.

Of these four deeds, those in UC:P320/D1 relate to land at King’s Norton, Worcestershire, and those in UC:P320/D2 to land in Oakham, Rutland. They have no link to any properties owned by University College.

Catalogued in July 2016.


UC:P320/D1/1    6 Jan 20 Eliz I (1577/8)
    Deed to agree an action of Common Recovery
    1.    William Sparry of Kingsnorton, Worcs., Gent.
    2.    John Lane and Robert Kettel of Kyngesnorton, Yeomen.
    Property: 3 separate closes and fields comprising 14 acres, known as Crabfield, Tyninges, and Mallyard alias Clareclose, being in the parish of Kingesnorton.
    Consideration: None mentioned.
    Comments: 1 and 2 agree that 2 will, at 1's charges, procure a writ from the Court of Chancery to be directed to the bailiffs of the manor of Kingesnorton, to be used on 1. There will then be an action of common recovery by which 2 will recover the above properties from 1. 2, and whichever of them will live the longest, will hold the properties to the use of 1.

UC:P320/D1/2    2 Feb 1648/9 & 8 Jul 1652
    Official copy of the will of George Field of Kingsnorton, Worcs. Among his various bequests he leaves to his wife Anne for her life lands which he purchased from Daniel Sparry, and then to his godson George Newey.
        Attached to this deed is a note of confirmation of probate, dated 8 Jul 1652.

UC:P320/D1/3    8 Jun 3 William IV (1833)
    Final Concord
    1.    John Downes Badham.
    2.    John Harrison, Hannah Burns, James Burns, and William Burns.
    Property: 1 messages, 2 gardens, 1 acre of land, 1 acre of meadow, 1 acre of pasture, and common of pasture, at Kingswood and Withal Heath in the parish of Kings Norton.
    Consideration: £60.


UC:P320/D2/1    28 Nov 26 Geo II (1752)
    Exemplification of Common Recovery
    1.    John Freer, as demandant
    2.    John Alexander, Gent., as tenant.
    3.    Timothy Helmsley, as vouchee.
    4.    Katherine Muskett, widow, as vouchee.
    Property: 1 messuage, 1 malthouse, 1 garden, and 2 acres of pasture in Oakham, Rutland.
    Comments: As a result of the above action, these lands are granted to 1.