Thomas Thornton (Fellow 1651-6)

Thomas Thornton came from Linbourne, Yorks., and matriculated from Queens College in 1647 aged 18.

He was made a Scholar of Corpus Christi College in 1648, and became a Fellow of University College in 1651. In 1654, on the death of Joshua Hoyle, Thornton was elected Master in his stead, but his election was overruled by the Visitors (see further, Robin Darwall-Smith, A History of University College, Oxford (Oxford, 2008), pp. 175-6). It then seems that he left the College in 1656, being made Rector of Wheathamstead.
    The only papers concerning Thornton in the College archives related to his terms as Bursar in 1652/3-1653/4 and 1653/4-1654/5.

UC:S10/F1/1                                  1653/4
Exoneratio of Thomas Thornton after his Bursarship of Unversity College.

UC:S10/F1/2                                  1653/4
List of moneys unpaid to Thomas Thornton during his Bursarship.

UC:S10/F1/3                                  1653
List titled “The battles of ye new ffoundation, ye first qrters of ye yeare 1653".

UC:S10/F1/4                                  1654
List of sums of money which remained unpaid at the end of the Bursarship of 1654.

UC:S10/F1/5                                  1655?
Account from Mr. Jones, concerning various sums received, paid, or owing to him.