Thomas Maynard Parker (Fellow 1952-73)

Thomas “Tom” Maynard Parker (1906–85) matriculated at Exeter College in 1924, and was ordained priest soon after completing his degree.

Parker was Librarian of Pusey House from 1935, and then Fellow in History of University College 1952–73, and also Chaplain from 1952–70. For further details of his life, see an obituary in University College Record Vol. IX no. 1 (1985), pp. 8–11, and the text of an address at his memorial service in University College Record Vol. IX no. 2 (1986), pp. 12–18.

The majority of Parker’s papers are kept in the library of Pusey House; however, these sermons were retained in the College, presumably on account of their special links, and were found in the archives in the summer of 1993.

Catalogued in April 2004.

UC:S27/MS1/1–9              1952–73
Nine notebooks containing all the sermons preached by Tom Parker in the Chapel of University College, covering the following dates:
        MS1/1: 12 Oct 1952–1 Nov 1953.
        MS1/2: 17 Jan 1954–22 Apr 1956.
        MS1/3: 27 May 1956–13 Oct 1957.
        MS1/4: 19 Jan 1958–12 Jun 1960.
        MS1/5: 9 Oct 1960–25 Feb 1962.
        MS1/6: 4 Mar 1962–14 Feb 1965.
        MS1/7: 21 Feb 1965–10 Nov 1968.
        MS1/8: 2 Feb 1969–13 Feb 1972.
        MS1/9: 21 May 1972–17 Jun 1973, 9 May 1976 and 24 Oct 1976.
Parker wrote the texts of his sermons out in full. He would also note when and where they were preached (which was sometimes more than once). He wrote the text on the right-hand openings of the books, reserving the left-hand one for references, and, where necessary, the original version of a passage which he had quoted in translation in his sermon.