Thomas Genings (or Jennings) (Fellow 1650-c. 1655)

Thomas Genings (or Jennings) was originally a Fellow of Trinity College, Dublin, but became a Fellow of University College in 1650 (perhaps through the influence of the then Master Joshua Hoyle, who had come from the same university himself?).

Nothing else is known of him, except that he was Bursar of the College in 1650/1-1651/2, and all the papers in the College Archives relate to this.

UC:S9/F1/1                           Jul 1652
Exoneratio of Thomas Genings in his Bursarship of University College, giving "Rem"(??), rents from college rooms, arrears, graduations and admissions.

UC:S9/F1/2                          1652/3
Rough accounts of Thomas Genings for Fellows’ stipends, and for food.

UC:S9/F1/3                          1652/3
Exoneratio of Thomas Gennings to Edward Farrar of his bursarship, listing moneys still owed him.

UC:S9/F1/4                          1652/3
List of moneys owed to Gennings, and list of expenses in trying to get the sums back.

UC:S9/F1/5                          1652/3
List of various sums owed to or by Thomas Gennings from his Bursarship.

UC:S9/F1/6                          1652/3
List of “Moneys wch should have been received by Mr Gennings for Mr Tonge’s halfe yeere but were not”.