Thomas Fourneys (Fellow before 1381)

Thomas Fourneys was, according to this document, a Fellow of the College before 1381.

From 1383, he was Principal of Hampton Hall (for which see UC:D4). This is the only document specifically about him in the Archives.

Catalogued in September 1996.

UC:S2/L1/1                                        Conversion of St. Paul 5 Ric II (25 Jan 1381/2)
        1.    Thomas ffourneys, former Fellow of the College of the Hall called michiluniversitehall in Oxford.
        2.    The Master and Scholars of the same College.
Comments: 1 quitclaims to 2 all actions both real and personal which he has or might have against 2.
            Given at Oxford.
            The document and its seal are both in very good condition. It has now been published and translated in R. H. Darwall-Smith, Early Records of University College (OHS n.s. xlvi 2015), pp. 86–7.
Language: Latin.