Studying Music at Univ

The Music course at Univ is particularly wide-ranging, with core papers in analysis, techniques and topics spanning the entire history of Western notated music (c. 800 to the present day). The numerous options available within the syllabus can accommodate individual interests of all descriptions, whether in performance, composition, editing and orchestration, ethnomusicology, musicology or analysis. Tutorials at Univ are designed to provide students with a solid foundation in the study of music and are intended to develop critical thinking through lively discussion.

Students follow a core syllabus with several options at Prelims, and have a wide variety of options for study in the second and third years, including composition, analysis, ethnomusicology, history, performance, and many more.

Dr Daniel Grimley is Senior College Lecturer in Music at Univ, holding an appointment shared with Merton College. He has research interests in Music and Landscape, with particular reference to Nordic and early twentieth-century British music. Dr Grimley is especially interested in the interdisciplinary connections between Music and Cultural Geography. He teaches undergraduate courses in theory and analysis, music history (especially post-1700), nineteenth-century symphony.

Dr Matthew Cheung Salisbury is Univ’s Lecturer in Music (email here); he has broad interests in sacred music and liturgy. His current research focuses on the analysis and editing of medieval music from manuscript and early printed sources. He also works on the historiography of related topics in the nineteenth and twentieth centuries. Dr Salisbury teaches music history, primarily pre-modern, for both Prelims and Finals, as well as Musical Thought and Scholarship

Prospective applicants are welcome to attend the College’s Open Days in July and September, or to arrange a visit at another time, and can find further information by emailing 

Dr Grimley will also be glad to talk to candidates who might wish to study music here; he can be emailed at

Further specific information on studying music at Univ can be found on our undergraduate information pages here