Stepping Stones

Stepping Stones was borne out of the realisation that whilst there are many thousands of charities doing fantastic work in assisting the disadvantaged to rebuild their lives, often the inability of their clients to access stable, quality housing means that they can be very difficult to help longer term. Stepping Stones sources properties specifically to meet each individual charity’s needs, refurbishes it, and then maintains it on an on-going basis for the charity’s clients to live in. Stepping Stones have set themselves the goal of housing 1,000 homeless and disadvantaged people in the next 7 years.

"The growing relationship between Univ and the voluntary sector in Oxford has already led to individuals achieving employment. Using the resources of the colleges to do good in the city, whilst generating a financial return, can only be a good thing." – Stuart Waddington, Stepping Stones

Stepping Stones and Univ

Stepping Stones takes funds from those who have funds and wish to invest ethically in order to provide interim housing opportunities for previously homeless people.  While charitable and ethical, the charity provides a healthy return on investment which is competitive with the returns provided elsewhere in the market. Univ aspires to introduce Stepping Stones to colleges and organisations throughout Oxford with the aim of generating sound financial and social investment in the local community on a wider basis; something we are pressed to do by successive intakes of students.

For further information on Stepping Stones visit their website here.