The Univ Players

The players are the Univ College drama group and each Trinity Term a production (outdoors) is staged, usually during fourth week. Recent productions have included ‘The Real Inspector Hound’ by Tom Stoppard, ‘The Way of the World’ by William Congreve and ‘The Government Inspector’ by Nikolai Gogol and William Wycherley's 'The Country Wife'. Details of productions are advertised during term time.

Debating Society

Univ Debating Society enables students to debate in an informal setting, while following proper British Parliamentary rules of debating. The Society holds weekly events and occasional workshops. Details of events are advertised during term time.

Eldon Society

Society for Univ lawyers. Talks given by old members, presentations and events hosted by firms looking to recruit top law graduates from the College. Generally a society to encourage lawyers to look to the future. Details of events are emailed to Law students during term time.

The Martlets

Evening talks during term time at which members of the College present their research. Talks advertised by email each term.

The Music Society

Members of the Society put on concerts in the College or join other students across the University to participate in major musical events. In the past there has been enough musical talent in the College to have a Univ Chorus, a Chamber Orchestra and a Wind Dectet as well as solo performances from students during term time. UCMS also hosts regular recital evenings, with the professional concert pianist (and Old Member) Chisato Kusunoki regularly visiting the college. Events in the main hall such as the Chopin ‘Nocturne Night’ in Michaelmas last year draw big audiences. Open Mic nights are regularly held and showcase a variety of musical endeavours. Details of concerts and activities are advertised during term time.

Univ Mooting

Mooting is a valuable exercise for law students. It consists of a mock appeal, in which participants get to present arguments for or against a hypothetical case. Legal prowess is as important as good presentation skills and passion for the subject and the case.

The Christian Union

A Christian organisation with members from different denominations that meet together regularly to provide support and prayer. Details of regular events are advertised during term time.