Robert de Elwyk (Fellow c. 1350)

Next to nothing is known about Robert de Elwyk apart from this document here.

A. B. Emden, in his Biographical Register of the University of Oxford to A. D. 1500 knows of no other document about him, so that it is not known when he was elected Fellow of the College; it can only be guessed that he died not long before the date of this document.

Catalogued in September 1996.

UC:S1/L1/1                                                                           The Third Day before the Nones of March (5 Mar) 1351
Declaration from Gilbert de Elwyk, executor of the will of Master Robert de Elwyk, former Fellow of the Hall or House of the University of Oxford, and his brother, that he has received from the Master and Fellows of the College his brother’s goods, viz. one fardellum and two sealed chests.
       The document and its seal are both in good condition. It has now been published and translated in R. H. Darwall-Smith, Early Records of University College (OHS n.s. xlvi 2015), pp. 84–5.
        Language: Latin.