Reminiscences of Colin Cooke (1903-2001)

Colin Arthur Cooke (1903–2001) first studied at Manchester University, where he received an MA in Law.

In 1934, he was admitted to University College as the holder of a two-year Leverhulme Research Fellowship under the supervision of Arthur Goodhart. Later he studied at Yale Law School for a while, before eventually returning to Oxford, where he acted as Senior Bursar of Magdalen College in 1944–70. This letter was given to the archives in May 2002 as Accession No. 354.

Catalogued in May 2002.

UC:P188/C1/1    Nov 1994
        Draft letter written by Cooke for the University College Record, but never sent, containing reminiscences of his time at University College. They are most useful for giving a perspective of the College from a postgraduate’s point of view.