Property at Hailey, Oxfordshire, 1485-1920

Hailey is a village in Oxfordshire, near Witney. Originally it was a tithing in the parish of Witney, but in the 19th century it was made a parish in its own right. University College was given some lands at Hailey in 1540/1 called Little Norcroft and Great Norcroft, and Losingrove, as well as some pieces of land scattered in the common fields of Hailey. The deeds on this property are, however, made confusing by the fact that the Norcrofts were freehold land, and Losingrove was copyhold land, from the Manor of Witney. This may explain why no documents survive concerning Losingrove until 1558/9, although the Bursar's Rolls for this period (UC:BU1) show that the College began to receive rent from here at exactly the time as the Norcrofts (another result of owning lands at Hailey under two different titles was that the College had to lease the freehold and copyhold estates in different ways, as will be seen in UC:E6/1D/13-51 below).

In the 18th century, the College appears to have been considering enlarging the property (see UC:E6/2D/1), but nothing was done until 1830, when the neighbouring farm to the fields was bought, and incorporated into the property (see UC:E6/3D on this farm, and UC:E6/4D for documents on the expanded property. Some maps of the estate may be found at UC:E6/M1.

All the College's lands at Hailey were sold in 1920. See too VCH Oxon. xiv. 234.

Calendars of UC:E6/1D/1–11 are now published in R. H. Darwall-Smith, Early Records of University College, Oxford (OHS xlvi n.s. 2015), pp. 374–80.

Recatalogued in October 2007; revised in January 2016.


The collection has been arranged into the following series:

UC:E6/1D  Deeds on Little and Great Norcroft and Losingrove, Hailey

UC:E6/2D  Letter on an unnamed property at Hailey

UC:E6/3D  Farmhouse in Hailey, bought by the College in 1830

UC:E6/4D  Documents on the Hailey property after the Purchase of the Farmhouse

UC:E6/E1  Particulars of the Hailey estate

UC:E6/M1  Maps of the Hailey estate

UC:E6/MS1  Transcript of some deeds on the Hailey estate

UC:E6/F1  Financial Papers

UC:E6/C1  Correspondence on Hailey


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